Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A wild adventure

The sun shone on her bedside as her eyes opened up like an new blossom.
She put her silk blankets aside,stood up and felt the cold of her feet on the wooden floorboards. Ally took a few steps until she was at the door. Her hand gripped on the handle as she walked out. Her eyes took a glimpse at her mum making spongy pancakes with syrup and whipped cream.

“Yummmm” she said to herself. “Morning mum” she said. “ Good morning dear” Her mum gave her a big kiss on the cheek. Ally sat on the table,ate breakfast and did her morning routine before she headed of to college. Her dad has been missing since she could say her first words.

At 5 the only memory she could remember of him was her dad laughing with her at the beach. Ally stepped into the school gate thinking of a plan. After school Ally walked along the pathway to home. “Ally” a voice whispered.

Her body stopped instantly. She turned around and whispered back “Who is it” she said with shivers coming up her back.  No one replied. “Probably those little voices saying I forgot my homework sheets at school. Hmmm never mind” The voice popped up again. “Ally” Ok I am not falling for these jokes anymore.

She turned her head around and saw and door between the bushes of the abandoned land that no one ever visits.
“She ran across the road as her caramel hair swished in the air. Her black shoes met the wet mud. “Who cares I'm up for an adventure. She skipped towards the door. But it was not and door it was an reflection from the other side of the road.

How is that happening. Her fingernail touched the reflection it was a bubble.
Skiiiiiiiiid. Her shoes slipped “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamt. She fell into a cave. “I thought I was gonna hurt myself” She landed on a big pile of slimy moss. “Gross” Mum just washed this last night nevermind. She took a big footstep onto the hard rock that was placed when this cave was made.
“A light” she echoed. This cave is really big. She walked up and down for 10 minutes until she made it. “Yassssss” Her shoes gripped and she climbed,climbed and climbed to the top. “Wow” She could not believe it.

It was Regor Hospital. Her dad went their one day and poof disappeared. He was never to be seen after that. She took a pic and sent it to mum “Is this the hospital dad was lost in” She immediately answered the call her mum dialled. “Where are you.  “ I made my way here from across the road. Reca road. I'm coming now,“ Don't you finish at 7:00 today ?” “I finish early today okay byeeee.”

Her mum rushed to Reca road walked into the cave,landed on the moss,climbed up and down,climbed up the rocks and made it to the top.
Ally and her mother walked to the main door and twisted the handle. “It’s opened” I am surprised the lights are still on. “10 years Ally” They closed the main door and crept up the crusty stairs.

The end

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  1. Hi my name is Jack I am a student in room 14 at may road school I really like how you used wow words it made me think of using more wow words in my writing.If you want to check out my blog here it is.