Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mitchell Riverside Highlights (Monday) 2016

HELLO BLOG VIEWERS !!! Welcome back to my blog. On Friday I came back from Riverside CAMP. It was a really fun experience. This year my team was named the Thunders. I slept in cabin number 1. We did alot of fun activities. Here are some highlights.

Monday (First day of Camp) - Around 6:00 am in the morning I awoke with a big yawn loud enough for my parents to hear in the other room. I slowly made my way down to the kitchen to have breakfast. My sister also had breakfast with me too. Then I brushed my teeth,got ready and watched TV. When it was around 8:00 am my Nana came to pick us up to drop us to school. When we got there other Riversider's were packing their stuff too. 

We went to the breeze were we sat down and did the check list to see if everyone was here. Everyone was her and we were ready to go. I hopped on the bus with my friends Noah and Ajani. On the trip to Willow Park we played Yellow Car. You play by spotting a random yellow car while driving in the distance. We finally arrived at Willow Park in Eastern Beach. We drove down the driveway and there we saw the buildings of the cabins. 

The bus driver pulled the brakes,the door opened and everyone ran out. I clutched my hands to someone's suitcase and lifted it out to the foyer room. Everyone did the same with different bags. After everyone's bags had been put in we went to the Rimu Room. 

We did our first ever activity. It was the running around game. We had a piece of paper and had a whole lot of questions on it. We had to find them out by running around the park.

After that we had afternoon tea,got changed and headed to the beach. After the fun beach games we had showers and had lunch. We got changed and it was time to play the Crunchie hunt. In the dark you had to find Crunchie chocolates. In the end I found 0 but we all got to eat some anyways.

We had our first sleep in our cabins. Make sure that you read what we did on all the other days by checking out my other blogposts I will post.

Thanks for reading.
By Mitchell.


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