Sunday, 2 October 2016

My family from USA have arrived

Guess what ??? On Friday the day Riverside camp finished my family from the USA came from overseas. They were here to attend the wedding of my aunty who got married on the 1st of October. I will write another blogpost about the wedding you can view later on. 

Here is a picture of my family from Seattle. 

Top right (Uncle Fonua)
Bottom Right (Cousin Holly)
Bottom Left (Cousin Fou/Ezekiel)
Top Left (Cousin Malonie)
Middle (Aunty Myra)

My aunty Myra gave my this $20 bill which was amazing. 

Here are some coins from the US.
A penny is the bronze coin and is equivalent
to One cent. The other ones are named a penny,
a quarter and a dime.

A penny is equivalent to 1 cent
A quarter is equivalent to 25 cents
and A dime is equivalent to 10 cents
A nickel is 5 cents

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell

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