Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 4

Good morning bloggers. Today is Day 4 of the Summer Learning journey. Let's begin the holiday blogging !

Activity 1 - Weather
It is official. I have chosen my country and bought my ticket. Now it is time to pack but first I need to check the weather forecast. Here is the weather for the next five days (Including today) in Japan.

Today - Daytime in Japan is 58° degrees Celsius. Tonight - 42° degrees Celsius. 
Sunny weather with some clouds too. Increasing Cloudiness.
Tomorrow - Daytime = 60 ° degrees Celsius. Tomorrow night =  48° degrees Celsius.
Mostly Sunny. Mostly cloudy at nigh time.
Image result for weatherThursday - Daytime = 65° degrees Celsius. Night time = 55° degrees Celsius.
Cloudiness with a little bit of rain. Breezy with rain in afternoon.
Friday - Daytime = 61° degrees Celsius. Night time = 42° degrees Celsius.
Rain with clouds and sun in morning. Cloudy and Sunshine in afternoon.
Saturday - Daytime = 53° degrees Celsius. Night time = 36° degrees Celsius.
Sunny breeze and cool air. Clear in afternoon.

Activity 2 - Suitcase list

Here is my list to pack for Japan.

* Clothes
Image result for packing for holiday
* Camera
* Japanese Yen
* Shoes. etc - Sandals,Sneakers.
* Mobile
 Day bag
 Sun glasses
 Sketch Book

 and a Robe.

Bonus - Wordle
Here is my Wordle/Word Cloud I created. I hope you like it! 
Thanks for reading
20/12/16. By Mitchell M.


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  2. Wow Mitchell, you're just constantly impressing me with all of these activities. I am really enjoying reading your blog.

    I think you might need to click the Celsius button on the website you got the temperatures from because that sounds more like the hottest desert than Japan.

    If you could invent something to help your travel in Japan, what would it be?

    Looking forward to your answer,