Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Mitchell Summer learning journey - Day # 8

Activity 1 - Sunshine and Swimming togs
I have chosen to participate in option 2 instead of taking a photo of myself doing a summer activity. Here is a paragraph on what I like to do in Summer:

In summer I love to travel to all different kind of beaches. I love the nice beachy waves that New Zealand's beaches have on offer. Other things I like to do in Summer holidays is go camping with my family to camp sites up North. We travel up Kataia,Rotorua and heaps of other campsites. Soon we will be heading to Whangarei. I will still blog on my mum's phone. 1 other thing I love to do in Summer holiday is spend times with my family. Ecspecially when my big family come over like my aunties,uncles,cousins,grandparents and great grandparents. We like to have very yummy lunches.
Activity 2 - Family Interview
I have been asked to ask/interview one of my family members what is their 5 favourite things to do in the Summer. I have decided to choose my sister Leonora. Here are her answers : 1. Going on boats 2. Surfing 3. Swimming 4. Going to the pools 5. Going to the beach. She sure loves the Water! Just like Moana. We watched the new movie Moana on Boxing day. It was a really good movie.
Bonus - Vlogging
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I have been asked to vlog about my favourite 5 things to do in Summer. Here it is. 
If it does not work I am very sorry. 

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By Mitchell.M


  1. Good morning Mitchell! I am really enjoying your posts for the Summer Learning Journey. You are making excellent progress. I can't believe that you're already on Day #7. That's incredible!

    After reading through all of your posts I have to admit that today's is one of my favourite posts. I love that you interviewed your sister, Leonora, for the activity and that she clearly loves the water so much! I am also a huge fan of the water and love to swim and play around. My son, Aronui, would go swimming every day if he was able to get to a pool or to the ocean. His favourite thing to do right now is to jump into the pool, swim down to the very bottom and sit there, holding his breath. He can stay on the bottom of the pool for longer than I can!

    Do you and your sister ever try swimming down to the bottom of the pool? It's pretty tricky but it's a good challenge!

    I hope that you and Leonora (along with all of your family) continue to have a wonderful break. It sounds like you're having tons of fun already! I was actually thinking of taking Aronui to see Moana in a few days. After reading that you liked it, I will definitely go with him!

    Thanks for posting a break blog, Mitchell. I will wait until I'm back in the office to open your video. I think that my computer at home is missing a plug-in as I can't seem to open it here but I will try it on my work computer.



  2. Hello Mitchell!

    Wow awesome! Yet again a top-notch blog entry. I am really enjoying your posts. I'm going to try see Moana these holidays too, and your video was really cool. Were you nervous making it? You look like a pro youtuber!

    Keep up the great work!