Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 5

Hello welcome to my blog. It is Day 5 of the Summer learning journey. Enjoy!

Activity 1 - Books
I have read heaps of books over the years. The one I would recommend would be very good.
Title of Book = The Trap door
Author of Book = Lisa McMANN
Image result for trap door infinity ring3 best friends go back into time to the United States in Year 1850. Slavery in these days were very bad. The 3 friends go back to time to go stop the Slave owners but get trapped. Will you help them? - Description.

Activity 2 - Popular Canadian Books
Image result for matilda bookIf I had to choose between the 3 books that were provided I would choose Matilda. I have chosen Matilda because it is about a very clever girl who is inspiring to others. In the book she stands up for her and her knowledge. Don't ever be called a nuisance!

Bonus - Short Story

There is 3 Story beginnings to choose from to continue the story in order to get points. The story beginner I choose was number 1. Here is the complete sentence: I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then…

Lets start : I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then… I saw a fierce tiger roar straight through the door. "Ahhhhh" I yelled. I had a bamboo stick right next to me. I gripped on it and barged through the door and stabbed the Tiger. But that was not enough to keep the tiger down for good. I ran past my hut and dashed through the palm trees. I held tight on some vines and used it to swing across the other side of the cliff. "Whohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" the vine went. I jumped onto the other side and puffed out my mouth "Please don't" The tiger had a monkey friend Ape who knew just what to do to get to the other side. The tiger held onto Ape's leg and did the same thing as me. I ran as fast as I could to get to Civilization. I stepped trees,I jumped over bushes,I climbed hills then there I was. Town finally. I ran the Animal Control before those animals attacked me.

Never to be seen again. By Mitchell.

Thanks for reading.
By Mitchell.M

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  1. Hi Mitchell!

    This is great work! What a cool story! It sounds like a nightmare!

    I really liked how you've said Matilda is inspiring for others and stands up for what she knows is right. What else do you think is important about her actions in the book? I think one of the most important decisions she makes comes right at the end. Can you guess which one I am thinking of?

    Keep up the good work!