Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 20 - Return to New Zealand

Hello blog viewers! Today is the last day of the Summer learning journey! I am very sad that it is the last day! The days have gone by really fast. Let's begin!
Activity 1 - Meal
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I have been asked to imagine that I arrived at the airport and my whole family were there to greet me. You decide to go back home and have a special meal to celebrate your return. On the way home mum says I can have anything I want. I have been asked to tell you what I would choose to eat. I would choose Butter chicken,Macaroni Cheese,Bacon and Egg muffins and a really big Cheese burger. For desert I would choose Filipino dried mangoes,pancakes and heaps of lollies.  Image attributions - 

Activity 2 - Learned
Image result for learnedI have been asked to tell you 2 things I have learnt while I was in Japan. One thing I have learnt was there was heaps of cool places and you need money to go there so my thing I have learnt was to have money as a safety gadget. Another thing I have learned was to have heaps of clothes for different weathers that pop in any time. So use that as a safety gadget as well.
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Bonus - Speech
I have been asked to either post a short video clip or write some sentences of what I would say to my class. I have chosen to write some sentences. 

Image result for speechHi class I have just got back from Japan and it was really amazing. There were heaps of places to visit and they were very awesome. Also they have delicious different kinds of foods and really nice TV shows to watch while you eat.  I would rate this country 10/10, so go visit Japan one day and you will want to go back every day. 

Thanks for reading all of my blog posts from the Summer learning journey. Also thanks to Rachel and Mark for commenting on every post. 
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  1. Hi Mitchell,

    Congratulations on finishing up the Summer Learning Journey! It is amazing to see that you have completed the entire thing. Way to go!!

    We hope that you've enjoyed learning about Japan. As much as you've learned about packing appropriate clothing and enough money to cover your bases, we have learned a lot from you as well. You've shared some great insights, interesting stories about yourself and your family, lovely poems, funny pictures and entertaining stories.

    It has been a true pleasure blogging with you, Mitchell. We really hope to see you online again next holiday.

    In the meantime, I will see you at Pt England early in Term 1 when I come in to deliver the Summer Learning Journey prizes and certificates.

    See you soon!!

    Rachel :)