Thursday, 19 January 2017

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 17

Hi blog viewers ! Today is day 17 of the Summer learning journey. Today's post will be about popular places in the country you have chosen. Let's begin !

Activity 1 - Famous sights
I have been asked to tell you which famous icons would I visit in my chosen country (Japan). I have a option between these 3 options : 

Jigokudani Monkey Park – Famous hot spring with live monkeys

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Jigokudani onsen.jpg
Himeji Castle – Best existing example of Japanese castle architectureC:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Himeji castle.jpg
Mt Fuji – Highest mountain in Japan

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Mt Fuji.jpg

I would choose Himeji Castle. I have chosen Himeji Castle as my option because I would like to see the inside and how unique it is to other castles in the world.

Activity 2 - Visitor tour
Image result for new zealand
I have been asked to imagine if I were a host for a visitor from another country. I would have to show them 3 popular places in New Zealand. 1. Cathedral Cove in Hahei. 2. Milford Sound. 3. Sky tower. 

Bonus - Picture
I have been asked to take a picture of me standing beside a popular place in my community. Here I am standing in front of Auckland city on Mount eden. It is not near where I live because I could not find any other photo with me near somewhere popular in my community.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell M.


  1. Hi Mitchell!

    I love the picture that you've posted of yourself on the top of Mt Eden. It is a great place to go and look out over the city, isn't it? My office is about a 10 minute walk from the base of Mt Eden so I try to get over to the mount as often as I possibly can. It's quite peaceful to stand on the top of the hill and to look out over the entirety of the city. It really is a beautiful place!

    I am sure that your visitor would really enjoy the trip up Mt Eden as well as the trips that you have planned to the Sky Tower, Cathedral Cove and Milford Sound. These are three distinctly different locations each with their own unique imagery and general 'feel.' They're a great mix!

    I hope that you do get the chance to go and visit each of these places one day. I think that you will love Milford Sound and Cathedral Cove. I've only been to each place once and I'm already dying to go back!

    Great post, Mitchell. Stay strong and carry on - you've almost completed the entire journey!!!


  2. Hi Mitchell!

    I have only been to a couple of castles in Japan and Himeji isn't one of them. They are always spectacular though, if you ask me. They are beautifully made and you can really feel the history in the old stones.

    I like the photo and I think it's cool. You can even see the Sky Tower in the distance, which is a popular landmark of Auckland.

    Keep up the great work!