Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Mitchell Summer learning journey Day # 13

Day 13 - La La La. Hello blog viewers. Today's post will be about music all around the world also including popular singers,musicians and bands. Let's begin!

Activity 1 - Justin Bieber time ...
I have been asked to watch 3 music videos from Justin Biebers latest hits and review which is the best video top to bottom (1 - 3) ratings. Here are the links to the videos:
Image result for justin bieberI have watched these 3 videos and ranked them in order. In my ratings I have ranked Sorry and Love yourself as a tiebreaker for 1st place. I have ranked them in 1st place because in both videos they have really good dancers. For the music video Sorry I have chosen it as first place as well because it feature Paris Goebel as the main dancer, who grew up in South Auckland. In last place is Baby which is a very old song.
Image result for love yourself justin bieber
Image result for justin bieber sorry

Activity 2 - WOMAD
I have been asked to imagine I was part of the WOMAD organising committee for next year. Which two musicians/bands would I invite to perform? I would invite some old school bands: TLC and Boys || Men. 

Image result for TLCThe group TLC is a girl group who began singing in 1992. The members of TLC include : Tionne (T-boz) Watkins , Lisa (Left eye) Lopes and Rozonda (Chilli) Thomas. Unfortunately Lisa (Left eye) Lopes died in 2002 in La Ceiba, Honduras in a car accident. The group stopped making songs after that because she made their songs pop out. They made one song named "Meant to be" because they were Meant to be and they will never replace her. On their journey singing songs all their song would be Number #1 on the charts. They started the group in Atlanta Georgia ,USA. The group remains with T-boz and Chilli. My mum also worked security that night in front of their dressing room. Pretty cool

Image result for boys 2 menThe group Boys || Men began in 1985. The members include : Wanya Morris,Shawn Stockman,Nathan Morris,Micheal MCcary, and Marc Nelson. Unfortunately Micheal and Marc left the group due to health reasons. Now days they are a trio of men who still play.

Bonus - The Beatles
I have watched the trailer of the movie about the Beatles. I have been asked to share with you 2 facts about them.
.The Beatles were first created in Liverpool in 1960
Image result for the beatles.The group broke up in 1970. Each of the members enjoyed a successful musical career.

Thanks for reading 
By Mitchell M.


  1. Hi Mitchell,

    It is great to see that you watched each of the Justin Bieber music videos and carefully considered the merits of (or good things about) each one before you decided on your rankings. That is a great approach!

    I can completely understand why you would rank 'Sorry' as your #1 video. I had forgotten that it featured Paris Goebel. She is gaining a lot of recognition in Hollywood for her choreography. It's amazing to see someone from our country doing so well in America, isn't it?!

    Speaking of America, I see that you would invite two American acts to WOMAD - TLC and Boyz II Men. I was actually just talking to a friend about TLC because they recently came to New Zealand to perform at Vector Arena and everyone was raving about them. The show was almost sold out and people seemed to really enjoy it. If I had known that they were coming I would have tried to get a ticket! Would you have enjoyed watching TLC live?

    Great work, yet again, with your blog, Mitchell. It is very clear that you take each activity seriously and put your best effort into your responses.


    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Mitchell!

    This is an excellent blog!

    I am not sure you did it on purpose with the bonus question, but the facts you have written are indeed the facts I was looking for. You saw through the drama the advert was trying to sell, and instead locked onto a couple of solid facts/dates about the Beatles and their success. It is a great example of critical thought.

    Haha! I like the little jab at Baby. It is older. I also like that you know about Paris and that dance troop. She and they are very cool.

    Keep up the great work.