Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 11

Hello bloggers. Sorry I have not been posting for a while. I was with my family camping all the way in Tutukaka near Whangarei. I will be posting some photos very soon. Let's begin Day 11 !
Activity 1 - Participating in a NZ sport
I have been asked to take
a picture of me participating in a New Zealand sport. Here it is: This is me on my first day of Cricket. In the picture I am holding a bat and a cricket ball. This was taken at the Point England reserve. I was playing for the Ellerslie Cricket Club with some of my friends. 

Activity 2 - Sporting hero
Image result for mika vukonaMy sports hero is Mika Vukona. He plays for the Basketball team the New Zealand "Skycity Breakers" (Auckland). He plays the position Power foward. He is my sports hero because he is a great basketball player and he is a great person. He is also Fijian like me which is amazing although I have tongan in me too. 

Bonus - Best NZ sport
According to the Love New Zealand website, the most popular sports in New Zealand are rugby union, rugby league, netball, soccer and cricket.In my opinion I have to decide which is the best sport. I would definitely choose "Rugby union" for sure. Here is why I have chosen it to be the best NZ sport.
. It is the most popular NZ sport
Image result for rugby union. Many people play it
. It is really popular all over the world
. William Webb Ellis created the sport rugby by picking up a rugby ball and started running with it
That's all the reasons why I choose Rugby Union as the best NZ sport.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell


  1. Great work once again Mitchell!

    I like watching rugby, how about you? I see you play cricket. Imagine if there was a rugby/cricket crossover player, like how Sonny kept going between union and league for a while. That would be pretty interesting haha!

    Keep up the great work. I hope you get to play lots more cricket soon!


  2. Great work Mitchell I hope you are having a good time with your family
    say hi to Levonah for me please