Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mitchell's movie review - Hidden Figures || 2017

Hello bloggers! Yesterday the Year 7 & 8 extension group had the opportunity to attend the Sylvia Park movie cinemas to watch the new 2017 movie Hidden Figures. The movie is about 3 African - American women who work with NASA, they are part of a group who are behind one of the greatest operations in history! So on Wednesday morning we went off to the movies!

At the movies we bought some popcorn,lollies and drinks. While we were waiting we were watching the movie trailers that were playing on the big screen that everyone could see when the walked into the movies. Finally it hit 10:40 and the doors to go inside the theatre were open. We slowly walked in, well we weren't allowed to run. Woohoo! It was only the extension group and a elderly couple who were watching the movie!

A few ads played while we were waiting for the movie. They were really funny! After a few minutes it was 11:00 and the movie started playing. Everyone was so excited and ready to view the spectacular movie Hidden Figures.
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It would have been my 2nd time I would have watched the movie Hidden Figure so I wasnt really surprised. Plus I got the seat that was right in the middle which was awesome! It took about 2 hours from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. In the movie theatre it was really quiet, all you could hear was the movie and eating sounds from people eating popcorn.

Review - Hidden Figures : This is my review from the Hidden figure movie. Likes: What I liked about the movie was that it told the racism stories about what happened back in the old days so people these days know that it is wrong and disrespectful and they do not copy what was done like in the 1900s. Dislikes: What I didn't like about the movie was that the movie was set in the same places. It could have been set in a few other settings/backrounds. What they should improve on: The movie makers should improve on making the movie more entertaining for all age groups.

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By Mitchell. M

P.S : Thanks to Mr Vogt's sister for the money to buy the movie tickets and the helping teachers who provided transport from school to Sylvia Park. 

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