Thursday, 13 April 2017

Mitchell's role model writing - My great grandfather!

My role model I have chosen is my great-grandfather. His name is Pita. I have chosen him because he is inspiring and he is a hard working man. He is a loving and caring man and he is very dominant. So let me explain why my great grandfather is my role model!

Whenever we go over to his house he hands us fresh fruits and healthy yummy things to eat! He always wants us to be fit and healthy so we can have a g
Me and my great grandfather mowing the lawn.
ood life. Also me and my cousins play heaps of sports on his front yard.

He is also a cultural man and uplifts us to do and be strong in our own culture. He knows a lot about our traditions and culture and also knows what we have to do to be respectful and proud of our heritage and culture. We love the stories he and my great grandmother tell about our ancestors and their adventures and journeys. Some stories also lead up to some of the most popular places in Fiji.

Did you also know that he used to be a teacher? That’s right my great grandparents used to be well known teachers in Melanesia. They have taught in Papua New Guniea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and of course Fiji. They expect us to do good in school with literacy (English) and Mathematics too.

So there it is my role model Pita. My great grandfather who is really loving and kind. So who is your role model?

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell.M

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