Thursday, 13 April 2017

My favourite past time - blogging

Hey bloggers! I’m going to tell you why my favourite pastime is blogging. I love blogging and it is one of my most favourite things to do. So let’s see why I love blogging!

One reason on why I love blogging is because I have my own blog and my mind/imagination sets free. You get to blog about anything you want even if it’s a cooking recipe! Let your imagination go free. I also love blogging in the holidays and competed in the Summer and Winter learning journey, a Manaiakalani blogging program set up for kids in the Manaiakalani cluster.
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I love getting connected online with other viewers around the world. I also love to reply to their comments they leave on my blog when I do awesome blog posts. I also love to take a look at their blogs too.

Lastly here are some tips and advice while blogging.
# Tip 1: Make sure the thing you are blogging about is really entertaining for the crowd. Don’t just blog about something you like try other things new. # Tip 2: Always make sure that your sentences make sense and also make sure that they are spelt right.# Tip 3: Last tip is to make sure you are having fun and you are proud of your blog post!

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell.M