Monday, 24 April 2017

Making Blanket Forts!

Hey blog viewers! Guess what? Today me and my sisters decided to make some blanket forts! It was really fun making the blanket fort. Here is some instructions on how we made our very own blanket fort!

Blanket fort
First we grabbed 4 chairs from our kitchen and placed them in the living room. Then we got a hold of some light blankets from our bedrooms and put them over and around the chairs. Also we had some hanging off some of our couches.

After we did that it wasn't finished yet. We added some light blankets to go on the floor and also got some cushions and stuffed animals. We also bought some snacks and were eating them if we were hungry. Then we added some books and some devices!

Me and my sisters each have a room in between the 4 chairs. Here are some pictures of our fort: 

I hope you like our blanket fort we made!

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell.M

We also will be watching a movie tonight at Hoyts Sylvia Park!
Some snacks and a drink

My room
Reading area

Centre of the blanket fort
My sister's room


  1. Hey Mitchell

    My kids love making blanket forts too. The only problem is that I have to remind them to clean up and put things away properly when they have finished. Anyway it's heaps of fun isnt' it?

  2. Hi Mitchell,
    I like your snacks and a drink.