Friday, 21 April 2017

Mitchell - Holiday Blogging #3 (Story time)

Hey blog viewers! Sorry I have not been posting up any blog posts for a while! Here is a story I made up about the adventure's of 3 friends. It was created last year by me. Enjoy! 

In the Melanesian Islands of Vanuatu lived 3 bestest friends Kiki,Kano and Kavaki. They were all of Vanuatuan descent except Kiki she was half Chinese. In the village they live in there is a lost key that opens the King’s house. It has been locked for decades. In the past many villagers have set sail to look for the lost key but it is nowhere to be found. Saturday morning Kiki woke up. Her feet met the cold floorboards as she stepped out of her bed. Her dad has been working at the Trading store for several years. Kiki walked past the counter and in the corner of her eyes was her favourite food…..Coconut donuts. Her hands gripped onto the donuts and her mouth opened wide and ate the donuts. “Mmmmmmm” she said making her mouth chew the donut into pieces. “Morning dad” Kiki mumbled with the donut in her mouth. Kiki’s dad was preparing the shop for the day. “Good morning honey” he whispered. Kiki’s dad opened the blinds,put out the open sign and went walked to the counter to be cashier for the day. Kiki went to go look for Kano and Kavaki.
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“Boooooooo” Kavaki yelled behind her back. “Ahhhhhh” she ran off with fear. “I’m going to get you” Kiki shrieked. She pushed Kavaki down the mountain and into the shallow waters of the beach. “Hahahahahaha” she laughed with happiness. “What you guys up to” Kano said. “We are just mucking around” Kiki laughed. “OUCHHH”  Kiki screamt. A light was beaming in her eyes.

“What happened Kiki ?” he wondered. He saw where the light was coming from. Kiki moved away from the light as she was blinded by bright signals. “Are you ok” he wondered again. “Yeah I’m ok” she had said. “The light,the light” Kavaki screamt. He saw a key shape. He climbed up the mountain urgently. That afternoon Kiki said to herself “ That light is trying to tell us something” as she was watching TV with Kavaki and Kano. “Come on”

She wrapped some sandwiches in a travelling bag, she got her slippers and headed out the door with Kavaki and Kano. “Dad I’m going to go ummmm….. Watch a movie with Kavaki and Kano”
“Ok darling but be back before 10:00. “Yes I will” Kiki mumbled. She ran with Kavaki and Kano to the village’s Canoe hire. “1 canoe please” she screamt. Her face looked like she needed to go somewhere and she did. Kavaki and Kano lifted the canoe and she held the paddles.

“RUN” Kiki shrieked. They ran towards the beach,put the canoe on the water and sailed towards the light. “SPLASHH, SPLASHH, SPLASHH,” the sound of the waves swirling on the shallows. “There the light” Kano said pointing towards the Key shaped light. 20 minutes later they ended up in a lost island. They landed the canoe and the paddles onto the island’s shallow shore and walked into A Bush. “A bush??????” Kavaki said while wondering. The trees of the bush flew up and down on the branches of the windy air. “I’m scared” Kiki whispered to both of them. “Dont worry we are both here with you” the said in a deep voice.

“The light” Kiki jogged towards the light. “Guys come over here” she echoed. They examined the light and saw a key not just any ordinary key a Golden key. On it was carved “King Vava’u of Vanuatu” “The first king of Vanuatu” Kiki shrieked with excitement. “The KEY” she yelled. Her fingers held onto the key as the light began to fade into the darkness. “Let’s get out of this bush shall we?” Kavaki yelled. They ran towards the canoe with Kiki holding the key carefully.

The boys both gripped onto the paddles and paddled towards their island as fast as they could. 20 mins later they arrived ran the canoe back to the man who was letting them hire it and they all screamt. “We found the key to the King’s house!” Everyone ran out of the doors of their house and ran towards them. “Woohoo” the village cheered. They lifted them up “ The village chanted, Hero’s of the day.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell.M

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