Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mitchell - Road trip to (Hamilton) - and Ice Cream

Hey blog viewers! Guess what? Yesterday afternoon me and my family took a road trip down to Hamilton with some other family members so my grandmother could do her hair at her friends Hair Salon.

We also ate from some of the nearby fast food restaurants in Hamilton Mall called Centre Place! I had some subway and my sisters had McDonald's. After my grandmother did her hair we had the opportunity to go to the Hamilton night markets. It was so cool!

We bought some food and drinks and we even had the most amazing time there too, because we saw the live recording of the Maori television show : "Sidewalk Karaoke". 
Guess what? Today we went to drive down to Pokeno to go get some Ice Cream! We first parked in a parking spot and walked in. Did you know that there are 2 ice cream shops right next to each other? That was pretty cool but we decided to go to the one on the left "Pokeno Ice cream and Coffee".  I think that was the name. Anyways I picked my two flavours with my sisters. 

I choose the flavour Peaches and Cream and Mango Ripple! Here is a picture of mine:

Have you ever gone to get Ice Cream from Pokeno?

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By Mitchell.M
23 and 24-/04/17

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  1. What interesting holiday adventures you are having. I did enjoy hearing about your ti,e in Hamilton. The night markets didn't exist when I lived there. Pokeno is a great place to buy bacon as well as ice cream. I wonder if your family bought some there?

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Mitchell

    Great post. This brings back memories of our road trip to Hamilton a couple of years ago. We stayed for two nights but I didn't know that there was a night market there. My family has also stopped over at Pokeno for ice-creams on they way back to Auckland. Great blogging.