Monday, 11 December 2017

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation!

Hey bloggers! this morning we had the amazing opportunity to hear a speech from Andrew Patterson and past Pt England student ( Raenan ). He first took us back to 2013 where he first met Raenan an Year 8 Pt England student at the time. He had amazing privellages and was taught lots of cool things, such as : how to prepare a speech, how to be a good leader and also being prepared for college.

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Raenan also took us back to Year 9 we had many opportunities to apply for. He joined a club named " Geek Club " and was taught to teach elderly people how to use technology and devices based around media. That's pretty interesting. Raenan also was in the New Zealand Herald which he had interviews, pictures taken too.

Well we also watched a video about a Manurewa High School, Year 12 Student who was also speaking a good speech and talked about his past life as his father was apart of the Mongrel Mob Gang. It was really interesting to hear about. So the moral of the speech/story was to try your hardest and best.

It was to strive for things you think your not good at and take as many opportunities as you can cause it can get you somewhere in life. He did give us advice and tips : to go hard, focus on school, try your best and hardest, take the most opportunities as possible! Raenan will now be a head boy at Tamaki College next year in 2018!

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