Thursday, 28 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Day #8 : The Great Depression

Hey bloggers! Today is Day #8 of the Summer Learning Journey. Let's Begin!

Activity 1 : Dealing with Stress 

In New Zealand, many people lost their jobs during this decade. Experts predict that as much as 30% of the population was unemployed. It was a very stressful time for families.

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Sadly, many of us still experience stress in our lives to this day. When I feel stressed I try to go for a walk or pop into my local gym for a quick workout. Exercise makes me feel better. What about you?

I have been asked to tell you on my blog what I do to relax or de-stress. Here is what I do!
I simply either read a book, write letters, draw pictures or even watch a movie. That's what I love to do to relax.

Also my tips to dealing with stress are to just have a little rest, sit down and think or just get focused on something else!
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Activity 2 : Offering a Helping Hand

During this period, people struggled to find work both here at home and overseas. It was a really tough time for people living in the Great Plains of the United States because they were hit with a huge drought that lasted for most of the decade. Many crops were damaged and farmers were not able to make enough money to feed their families.

I have been asked to imagine if I were alive in the 1930's and post on my blog what I would've done to help these families in need. I have been asked to list 3 ways I would help fundraise for these families.

  • First of all I would probably create a bake sale. Bake cakes, cupcakes, homemade cookies and many more that would be in a bake sale!
  • Second of all I would sell clothes to the rich for money and fundraise as many money as I can! It would be great!
  • Lastly I would make a lemonade stand and sell lemonade for around 50c or $1.00 for a cup of fresh lemonade. It would be delicious!
Bonus Activity : Paying it Foward

In the mid-1930s, things began to change for the better in New Zealand. More people were able to find work and receive a steady paycheck. They were still careful, however, with their money and rarely, if ever, bought treats or gifts for one another.

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I have been asked to imagine if I were to time travel back to the 1930's and name what kind of things I might want to bring back such as : lollies, chocolate, clothes, mobile devices, and more.

I would bring :

  • Lollies and Chocolate ( so they can taste some sweets from this generation )
  • Clothes ( They can see the transition of clothes over the past years )
  • Devices ( I would bring my chromebook to show how we learn instead of using chalkboards )
  • Vehicles ( they could maybe look at some cars and see how they have changed over the years )
Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

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  1. Hi there Mitchell, it's good to see you blogging away and working hard during your school holidays.

    Thanks for sharing some useful tips for dealing with and relieving stress. I like that they are so simple and practical - it means that people reading your blog will be able to try them out with ease. I like going for a walk or a run, reading a book or listening to music. Simply getting out of the house can be very effective.
    What sort of things stress you out?

    You've shared three awesome ideas on how to raise money for families in need. I really like the bake sale and lemonade stand idea. Perhaps you could merge the two and sell both, that way you could double your money.
    Have you ever been involved with some kind of fundraiser?

    You've chosen a well balanced set of things to take back to the 1930s, well done. I like that you are going to bring some devices, that will blow their minds! They will probably ask you to build them some more so be ready! Wow, with new vehicles you will be the fastest on the road and the coolest kid in town.

    Keep it up, you're doing a great job blogging!