Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Day #3 : It's All In A Family

Hey bloggers! Today is Day #3 of the Summer Learning Journey. I was really busy today so I'm posting it now! Let's Begin.

Activity 1 : The More, The Merrier?

My Family!
In the 1800's most families were pretty big. In fact, many parents had an average of seven to nine children. I have been asked to imagine that I was a family member of nine and I have been asked if I would like it and how would I feel. Well first of all I have a really big family loving cousins, protective uncles, caring great - grandparents and heaps more family, So I wouldn't mind. So yes, I would enjoy it. I love FAMILY!

Activity 2 : Acknowledging Ancestry

A Traditional Dance performed
by Native Lauans from Lakeba, Fiji
Now all of us are family members! Members of a big family or even a small family. In Te Reo Maori sometimes people use a way of Acknowledging Ancestry. I have been asked to write my own pepeha. It's included with my special mountains and rivers and islands that are important in my ancestry. Here it is!

Kia Ora!
Ko Lakeba,Fiji te Maunga 
Ko Lau, Fiji - channel te River
Ko Sema Makawa te Waka
Ko Niumataiwalu toku Tipuna
Ko Vuanirewa toku Iwi
Ko iTaukei toku Hapu
Ko Levuka,Lakeba toku Marae
Ko Viti & Tonga Ahau
Ko Winifereti raua Ko Fisilau oku Matua
Ko Mitieli ( Mitchell ) toku ingoa.
No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa. 

That is my pepeha! It's really important once you realise you have a lot of ancestry like me! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Bonus Activity : Fun Family Facts

Image result for summer
Image Attribution
On my blog I have been asked to interview three family members from my family and ask them what are their 2 favourite things to do in summer!

My Mum :

1. She likes to go swim at the pools and the beach!
2. She likes to go camping at camp sites!

My Sister ( Levonah ) :

1. She likes to go out to places such as : arcade, theme parks, city ( etc.
2.She loves to eat! Her favourite foods are Pancakes!

My Sister ( Leonora ) :

1. She likes to go Ice Skating!
2. And she likes going to the pools!

Thank you for reading today's blog post!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

P.S - 5 more day until Christmas!


  1. Hey Mitchell, another great post!

    Thanks for working hard and making your activities so clear and easy to read. I really appreciate it!

    Only 4 days until Christmas now!

    I have enjoyed reading about your family and their interesting facts.
    I love to go ice skating too. I used to find it difficult when I was younger but I got pretty good at it from roller skating a lot. I think that the movements are quite similar.

    What are two facts about yourself that Levonah might share on her blog?

    It sounds like you have quite a big family, which makes it easy for you to relate to the activity about having nine siblings. You mention some wonderful positives that come with having a big family but I was wondering if there were any downsides?

    My family isn't too big so I am really interested in what it would be like. One benefit I would enjoy would always be having lots of players for games and activities.

    Thanks Mitchell, look forward to hearing from you. I hope the Santa photo's went well.


    1. Hey Billy, thanks again for the comment!

      Yes! there is 4 more days until Christmas! Can't wait! Yes my younger sister loves to ice skate. It's a hobby for her :D. Also Levonah might share that I like going swimming. I just love it on hot days!

      Also yes, there would be a downside to having a really big family. Having to deal with lots of issues. Haha. Well anyways I hope your enjoying your summer!

      What do you plan on doing this summer?


      P.S - Yes the santa photos did go well. They were awesome!

    2. Hey, yes swimming is a great way to cool off on a hot day!

      I agree, there could be a lot of arguments and disagreements that would happen. It might be difficult to get some peace and quiet too!

      Lots of blogging this summer and spending time with friends and family. It should be fun!

      Glad to hear the photos went well.


  2. Kia ora Mitchell!!

    Welcome back to the Summer Learning Journey programme. As always, it is awesome to have you back :)

    I love read your posts and, particularly, liked the picture that you included of your family. It reminds me of my family and makes me miss them a little bit, especially at this time of year. Fortunately, we are able to Skype so that I can talk to them on Christmas Day. They will all be eating turkey and going for a skate on the local pond in the afternoon. Apparently it was -30 degrees in Ottawa, Canada (where my family live) today so it will truly be a white Christmas!

    I see in your post that Leonora also likes to go ice skating. Where do you take her to skate? I heard that there is a rink in New Lynn/Avondale area but I have never been there. Have you?

    Keep up the great work, Mitchell. You are setting an excellent example for your sisters,for Pt England and for the rest of our cluster.

    Awesome work,

    Rachel :)

    1. Kia Ora Rachel,

      Thank you very much for commenting on my blog! I like how you have seen my family photo. Wow! That's really interesting your family are in Ottawa, Canada. At least I have been near Canada when I travelled to Seattle this mid year in September. I also went to Hawaii!

      Yes! My sister loves to ice - skate in Summer. She says it keeps her cool with all the breeze from the ice. She thinks its really awesome. No! I haven't been to the rink in New Lynn/Avondale but we sure will put it up as a option this summer!

      Thanks again Rachel for the time and effort!

      Kind Regards,

      Mitchell :D

  3. Kia Ora Mitchell,

    Wow amazing work you have done. Your sister loves to ice skate well actually my principal doesn’t know have ice skate. Do you like to ice skate? Keep up the brilliant work. Merry Christmas and happy new year:)