Monday, 29 August 2016

Mitchell Explanation Writing - Why technology can be considered as a drug?

It can be considered as a performance-enhancing drug because other athletes have technology when others don’t. It can also be a performance-enhancing drug because they can use better technology than other technology that is being used at the olympics.
The advantage of other athletes who can afford technology is fair but when athletes in poorer countries who can not afford technology is not fair. Athletes over the world practice and practice hoping they would get that gold medal. It is not fair because people who use performance-enhancing drugs cheat and win when clean people had the choice.
It can also be used as technology because using better technology than technology everyone else is using might be considered as a performance-enhancing drug. Such as Avanti. Avanti is NZ’s secret bike company who made slimmer and more fashioned bikes than the others. If Usain Bolt were to race Jesse Owens on an racetrack it is most likely for Usain Bolt to win. He would win because he has better technology and clothing than Jesse Owens did in the old days. Almaz Ayana from Ethiopia broke the world record for her running track. The last time this record has been broken was by a Chinese athlete who was caught taking performance-enhancing drugs and cheating.
I think that technology is considered as a Performance-Enhancing Drug. Reading all my information I have written I think that it is a performance-enhancing drug. Not all technology is used and considered as performance-enhancing drugs. If a world record is made around 10x better than the record than people must be sure that this athlete has cheated.

By Mitchell.

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