Thursday, 11 August 2016

Mitchell If I were at the Olympics 2016

Mitchell If I were at the Olympics - Room 7 has recently been watching some YouTube Videos about Olympians and how they train. Here is some information I got by watching the videos.

  1. What is special about the Olympics and why do we need it ?  The Olympics is special because it has been over years and years since it has started. It was created in 776 BC. We need the Olympics because we need athletes to show off their sport skills and show the whole world.

  1. Image result for rio olympicsHow do the athletes train?  The athletes have special coaches and they go to compete to see if they can qualify for the Olympics. If they qualify the get to compete in the Olympics. They need to eat healthy food and lots of water.

  1. How does technology help athletes? Technology is used to help athletes go faster and make it easier for them. There are cameras to see who or which team wins. Technology records athletes and teams while playing so the world can see.

  1. Athletes can have different emotions. They are full of happiness and joy. They have a big celebration. Athletes and teams who lose are depressed,angry or sad. Better luck next time.

Thanks for reading. By Mitchell. 11 Thursday August 2016.


  1. Great Work Mitchell. Thanks for updating me on the olympics. Go for gold New zealand. Greetings from Miami, Florida

  2. Hi Mitchell,

    It's great to read that you have been following the Olympics with your class. There have been so many amazing performances already. I can't wait to see how our athletes do this week!

    Keep up the great work with your blogging :)

    Cheers, Rachel