Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mitchell Olympics Writing Extension

Mitchell Week 2 Extension Writing
The mega camera's live stream on TV as they zoom up on the athletes faces. Millions were watching television world wide while crossing their fingers hoping that their favourite athlete would win a gold medal. The feeling of nervousness hits some of the athletes who have stressed out looks. The athletes do some stretching before the race starts. Moments later the official says ‘On your marks’. Then the men were ready and waiting in their starting positions. Some said their final prayers. Their shoes gripped onto the starting blocks. This was the time they had been waiting for.

“GET set” as the crowd went silent.  GO!!! The athletes dashed off into the distance sprinting as hard as they could. Hearts pounding fast to keep up with the other sprinters. The crowd cheered loudly to the point that you couldn’t even hear yourself. 7 seconds passed already and Bolt was 5 meters away. He’s going... he’s speeding up...he crosses the FINISH LINE!!!

Bolt kissed the ground with joy. He cheered with the others in the audience. Everyone celebrated with a big clap and roar. Some of the other athletes were depressed as they did not won an medal.

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