Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Rio Olympics 2016. Rugby 7's Fiji team 2016

YAYYYY!!! Guess what? FIJI won the rugby 7’s Gold medal for Rio 2016 at the Olympics. They were very blessed because this is Fiji’s first ever medal in history and it was Gold!!! Did you know? That they were the one and only Pacific Island nation to compete in this history-making game.

Image result for fiji rio 2016Fijians all over the world celebrated by Dancing,Singing,Speeding in cars and more crazy stuff. Me and all of my family went to have lunch at Fortuna to celebrate.

Princess Anne of the Royal family presented the 12 gold medals to the rugby players. In fijian culture after you receive something very special you would have to show respect by clapping your hands 3 times. They were very proud of their country and the people of Fiji were very happy and proud.

They said a very blessed and thankful prayer. Another fact is that Frank Bainimarama the (Prime Minister) of Fiji marked that day as a national public holiday.   


  1. Hi Mitchell,

    What an exciting and important topic to blog about! It will be interesting to follow the team as they return to Fiji - I can imagine it will be quite an amazing moment!

    Miss West

  2. Hi Mitchell,

    This is an awesome thing to be writing about!! You are very smart! Do you enjoy being a proud fijian, Mitchell?

  3. This year every hard for fiji , because fiji fast international game face to wallabies .