Thursday, 13 July 2017

Mitchell - WLJ - Day #6 - Native Aotearoa

Hey bloggers! Today is Day #6 of the Winter Learning Journey! It looks like by the title I am learning about Native New Zealand. I am excited! Let's begin!

Activity 1 : Arriving in New Zealand - Shag Point

I have been asked to imagine if I have never ever been to New Zealand and I had no idea what to expect. I have been asked to write a poem about what I would've felt like If I were to arrive in New Zealand with no idea what to do. Here's the poem:
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My boat arrives ashore, I'm not feeling excited anymore. Instead I feel scared, and also I feel feared. I step on the sand, where my boat has land. I try my best to see if anyone is already here, but I just see grass, the sea and the atmosphere. I'm nervous about where I step or go, as long as I keep low. Then I saw Maori people, who were wearing feather cloaks which was the colour of treacle. I went to go get the others, as they were writing letters to their mothers.

Activity 2 : Te Papa Museum - Matariki Festival

After visiting Shag Point, we decide to hop back in the van and head up East Coast of the South Island until we reach Picton. We then travel across the Cook Strait and into Wellington. Every winter there is a Matariki festival in Wellington at Te Papa Museum to celebrate Matariki.

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I have been asked to read about the Matariki Festival at - Te Papa Museum and look through many different activities and events.  I have been asked to tell you about 3 events that happen during the Matariki Festival in Te Papa - Wellington. 

I have decided to choose: - on the side of the names are notes of the events that happened. 

. Star Weave Jam - Following instructions, participants will weave stars from ribbon and recycled materials. 

.Nga Kai o Matariki - Celebrating Maori Cuisine - In this programme, Te Papa seeks to celebrate both Māori chefs and Māori cuisine. 

.Mata and the Mysterious Musical Maunga - Come on a musical adventure in Aotearoa as Mata climbs a mysterious mountain to find an ancient flute.

Bonus : Kapa Haka - Rugby

The haka is a traditional haka which is performed on special occasions. Also it is performed on sporting events. 

I have been asked to watch 3 videos about the All Blacks and rank the videos of their haka, 1, 2 , or 3. Here are the links to the videos:

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 #1. World Cup 2015 – All Blacks vs Argentina

I would rank the World Cup 2015 - All Blacks Haka - #1 - because it was a really good one that was really fierce.

I would rank the Rugby World Cup 2011 - All Blacks vs France - #2 because it was a haka that was really good with good actions.

Finally I would rank the All Blacks vs South Africa 2016 a - #3 because it was an average haka.

Well that's this blogpost for today! Make sure you check out my other blogposts!

Thanks for reading!

By Mitchell.M


  1. Kia ora Mitchell,

    I have never had the chance to go to Te Papa during the Matariki festival period, however, it does sound as though there are a series of great activities and events, on offer. I particularly like the sound of the Mata and the Mysterious Musical Maunga show. I love music and would probably really enjoy a musical show. What about you? Are you a fan of musicals?


  2. Kia Ora Rachel,

    It does sound like a fun event to attend! I would also love to attend the show Mata and the Mysterious Musical Maunga Show! I really love to listen to music and would also love to hear a musical show! I also enjoy musicals such as : Matilda, Wicked, The Lion King and more.

    See you around! Kind regards,

    Mitchell :)