Sunday, 30 July 2017

Mitchell's - Winter Learning Journey (Prize Pack)

Hey bloggers! If you didn't know I have been recently blogging over the School Holidays as apart of a blogging programme named the Winter Learning Journey, created by Rachel Williamson from the University of Auckland!

I have been a participant in the programme and would like to share with you my prize I have recently won! Here is my picture: 

I won : - (Certificate and an Brown Kiwi Picture)
A packet of Pineapple Lumps - (they were very delicious)
An Cookie Time - (Yum!)
Some Jaffas
A Pack of Milk Bottles
A Big Ben pie
Butterscotch Candies
and an CD 

Thanks to Rachel, Nicki, and Jacinta for helping make this programme. Especially huge thanks to Rachel for organising this programme. Bye for now bloggers!
P.S - See you in the next blogging proggrame: the Summer Learning Journey! - and see you at church Nicki!

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