Sunday, 9 July 2017

Mitchell - WLJ - Day #2 - NZ by Land and Sea

Hey bloggers! Today is Day #2 of the Winter Learning Journey! I'm really excited. Let's start!

Activity 1 : Travel Diary

After travelling throughout Auckland, I have been asked to read about either Rangitoto Island, Tane Mahuta, and KereKere. I have chosen to write about Tane Mahuta.

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I really enjoyed Tane Mahuta! I loved the luscious green and the Kauri trees along the way. I also loved seeing the birds and hearing the native birds making sounds. It was awesome! It took 5 minutes to walk on the tramp. Fun fact: Did you know? that in 1928 Nicholas Yakas and other bush walkers discovered the tree Tane Mahuta.

Activity 2 : Questions for Laura Dekker

I have been asked to imagine I met Laura Dekker and would have to provide some questions for me to ask. I have also watched the video and it was pretty amazing she is the youngest sailor in the world. Here are my questions I would ask her:
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#1 - What does it feel like being the youngest sailor?
#2 - When did you start solo-sailing?
#3 - Is sailing difficult without anyone helping you?
#4 - Do you get tired as you are sailing?
#5 - Do you have any advice for kids who would love to sail around the world?

Bonus : Family Interview

After interviewing Laura Dekker I have been asked to interview one of my family members! I have to ask them what is what is their 5 favourite things to do outdoors. I have decided to interview my mum. Here are her responses:
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#1 - Camping
#2 - Skiing
#3 - Playing sport
#4 - Going for walks
#5 - Swimming at the beach

There you go!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M


  1. Hi Mitchell!

    I was recently blogging with your sister, Levonah, and I was impressed to see that you had posted a positive and supportive comment on her blog. Thanks for that! It is great to see family members stepping us and actively encouraging one another. Awesome.

    I also wanted to compliment you, once again, on the quality of your blog posts. They are always such a joy to read. In this post, I particularly enjoyed reading the extra 'fun fact' that you provided about Tane Mahuta. I had no idea that it was first discovered almost 100 years ago by Nicholas Yakas. I wonder what Nicholas was doing that involved walking through the northland bush...

    Keep on setting such a high standard, Mitchell. It really gives all of us something to work towards and aspire to.

    Rachel :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! It's really fun helping my sisters and teaching them how to do the Winter Learning Journey. It's really fun to teach. Also thank you for reading my posts and complementing me. It's really appreciated. Thanks again!


    2. Hi Mitchell,

      It is my pleasure - you have earned the compliments. I mean them very sincerely.


      Rachel :)