Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Mitchell's Immersion Assembly - (Term 3)

Hey there! Today was the first day of Term 3! Guess what? We had a special immersion assembly to celebrate Term 3. This term’s topic is called : Guardians of the Galaxy! It’s all about outer space and other planets in space.

In the hall were mini projectors that had lights such as stars and galaxies glowing up to the roof of the hall. When the lights went off you could clearly see the stars and galaxies and everyone was excited and curious about what was going to happen next.

In the middle of the hall a drone with some cool lights and Mr Jacobsen was pretending that aliens were going to invade earth while the drone kept moving forward towards the stage! Then Mrs Nua and Mr Burt had masks on and were playing the roles of aliens.

Then Mr Jacobsen and Mr Sommerville had held in their hands some Star Wars light sabers and were striking at them like they were going to protect the Earth. It was really cool. Then the lights went back on and everyone was curious about what was going to happen next.

It sounds really interesting! Today I will talk about the videos and the performances the teachers produced for each of their teams. First up was Team 1! They made a movie about travelling to space in flying cars! Wow.

The Team 1 teachers got into their cars and flew off to outer space to discover different planets and heaps more. They went to different kinds of planets such as : The Sun, The Moon and Mars.
Did you also know that NASA are sending astronauts this year to Mars to experiment. That’s so cool.

Anyways the Team 1 move finished and now it was time for ...Team 2!. Also Miss Hockly explained some key points about their movie. Now Team 2’s time was here. They made a music video about space and travelling.

Miss Gaston and Nalder were singing and while the others were dancing. After the move Mrs Nalder explained some things Team 2 are learning about this term and also they are doing a trip to Stardome! The Team 2 teachers were in the green room playing instruments like a music band put in space.

Now Team 3 was ready to shine! The movie started off with an Hourglass coming down with sand. There was a title that was named “Days of ours lives” and the movie showed everyday things they did around that time.

Such as at 8:am on Friday the teachers were showing the kids how to line up. Then it changed to 3:pm on Friday and showed a scene of Miss Eadie locking the doors and running home. That was pretty funny! Miss King explained that Team 3 were going to learn about different kinds of planets and what life force lives on the planets.

The screen changed and it switched/transitioned to Team 4’s movie screen title. The first scene was with some students from the Team 4 block who were on Imac’s in the centre of the class. They were playing roles as people who were in the Space Control Room  telling the astronauts what to do.

The Team 4 teachers were in rocket ships and the control room advisors told all of them to go towards the Sun. They all had incidents and unfortunately died from natural disasters in Space. They didn't die for real it was just a movie.

Anyways they were going to learn about what other life forces and species are living beyond the Earth. Sounds like something interesting to learn about! Finally the best team in the school was ready to perform. The lights went off and the projectors were glowing with galaxies.

The Team 5 teachers such as Mrs Tele’a, Mrs Ilaoa, Miss Judd, Miss Sio, Miss Tapuke, and Mr Wiseman ran up to the stage in excitement ready to perform their item. They got sope props out and went into their positions.

Then everyone heard the first sound of music you would hear in the Moana song : “How far i’ll go” and Miss Judd was singing while the other Team 5 teachers were dancing and playing instruments in the background. Miss Judd had changed some lyrics for the song and was Space themed.

Well that was the reflection of the Immersion Assembly that happened today. Thanks for reading!

By Mitchell.M
Thanks for reading!

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