Sunday, 9 July 2017

Mitchell - WLJ - Day #1 - 100% Pure NZ

Hey bloggers! Today is the first day of the Winter Learning Journey! I have been waiting for this to happen since I finished the Summer Learning Journey. I am so excited to start. Let's begin!

Activity 1 : 100% Pure New Zealand!

I have been asked to view the Tourism NZ Website and click on the Facts - NZ People - tab and read. Then I would have to find 3 interestingly fun facts about the amazing people of New Zealand! The facts have to be written in my own words. Let's go!
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Fact #1 - Did you know the population of NZ which calculates to 4.4 million New Zealander's, conclude of 69 % of - European descent, 14.6 % are indigenous Maori people, Asians take up 9.2 % and finally 6.9 % of non - Maori Pacific Islanders.

Fact #2 - Did you know? that 3 quarters of New Zealand's population reside in the North Island! Yes, 1.3 million people living in Auckland that's heaps. Then other cities such as Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch is where all the rest of the 3 quarters reside.

Fact #3 - Did you know? - Around 400 years before Christopher Columbus and other sailors found land around the world, Maori people sailed across the unknown Pacific Ocean, using stars to navigate their way, they reached New Zealand (Aotearoa). They sailed in small ocean-built canoes and made their way to Aotearoa being known as the first people to land shore on New Zealand.

Activity 2 : Auckland Tourism

I have been asked to watch a Tourism video about Auckland and write 5 favourite things I love to do in Auckland. Let's begin!

#1 - Museum - The Museum is my most favourite place to go to in Auckland! I love the Auckland Museum. You get to learn about Ancient history, and also you get to learn heaps of facts and more.

#2 - Rainbow's End - I love going to Rainbow's End. Did you know? - it's New Zealand's only theme park! I love the awesome rides and how much thrill it brings to you. Also next week I am going there for my sister's birthday. It's going to be fun.

#3 - Zoo - I love to go to Auckland Zoo! I love to learn about the habitat animals live in, and what animals like to eat, what they like to do and heaps more. I just love the Zoo!

#4 -  Kelly Tarltons - Like the Zoo, I love to learn about animals. Even If they live underwater! I also like to view the penguins through the glass. They are awesome!

#5 - Sky tower - Finally my last favourite thing to do in Auckland is to go to the Sky Tower. I love to go to the top of the Sky Tower and view Auckland. It's really beautiful. You should try it.

Bonus - Flag design

I have been asked to create a flag design for the Sky Tower! Here's mine I created on a Flag designing website
To earn full points I must explain why I created the flag this way.
Colour: I choose the colours red,black,and white because those are the national Maori colours. I also put a star there not only because it represents the Maori New Year, but to represent a star for everyone to reach their goals and reach for the stars.

Well that's it for now!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M


  1. Kia ora Mitchell!! Welcome back to the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. I am SO excited that you have joined us again this year. I know that you are going to do a great job once again and set a great example for others at Pt England to follow.

    Speaking of setting an example, I just read a blog posted by Akanesi at Tamaki Primary. It's really cool to know that you guys are neighbours. I hope that you're able to continue to motivate and encourage each other to do some great blogging this holiday. I'm sure that you will.

    I'm also sure that you will have a great time at Rainbow's End next week for your sister's birthday party. Have you ever been to the theme park before? I can honestly say that I have never been. Is it worth a trip? Aronui (my son) has been asking to go for a few years now. He just turned seven so I think that I will take him there sometime this year...

    Keep up the great work with your blogging, Mitchell, and please wish your sister a really happy birthday for me next week!

    Rachel :)