Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Mitchell's Extension Game - Reflection

Hey bloggers! Here is my Extension scratch Game reflection I have written about. Enjoy!

During Term 2 the Year 7 & 8 Extension group got the opportunity to make another game on Scratch. Scratch is basically a website full of code, where you can create your own games. Last term in Term 1 we created a game about the environment of Tamaki and how to clean our green space.

Anyways we also got to present those games at the Te Oro Manaiakalani Exhibition. Well this term we have been starting to create a game about this term’s topic Now that’s Thinking and the game is based about Space and the Maori New Year - Matariki.

I am doing a individual project as my other partners are working on their own one. So far I have started to shoot, move my spaceship, and more. We also had the amazing opportunity to have help from a coding expert from OMG tech Zoe, who helped alot.

Also for the sprites drawn on Hyperstudio - DLO - Tevita, Angelo and I have drawn some sprites for our game. We have drawn a spacecraft, some aliens, lazer guns, stars and heaps more sprites that will be in our game.

I also browsed through some video clips on Youtube, Mrs Lagitupu has put on for us to view. I used some coding I saw on those videos and used it on my own personal game. It was really helpful with both the game and Zoe from OMG tech.

I have only created 1 level as creating a Scratch game is very hard.

The highlights of the game was making the sprites and levels. It was very difficult. Also

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

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  1. Hi Mitchell!

    I hope that you are having a nice holiday so far. It sounds like you did a great job creating the Extension Scratch game earlier this term. I've never created anything like it. Was it pretty difficult?

    I hope that you will have time over the next few weeks to join us online for the holiday blogging programme. It is nowhere near as difficult as creating a scratch game but it should be pretty fun and interesting!

    Hope to see you online blogging this holiday :)