Sunday, 3 September 2017

Travel Blog Post - Day #2 (Hawaii)

Hey bloggers! Today is Day #2 of my travels in Hawaii! Well it's actually Day #3 but I didn't post anything yesterday because we were getting things for the wedding tomorrow. Anyways today was so fun! We went to the Hilo Markets and bought a range of stuff.
Me and cousins!

I bought some necklaces and bracelets for my sisters an mum and some shirts for my dad! It was really hot there and bought some soda (fizzy drinks) because we were dying for thirst. After all our shopping at the Hilo Farmers Market we bought some Japanese Sushi Rolls to eat because we were very hungry!

Me and my cousins then saw some very homeless people on the street so we decided to offer/donate some money to them and give them some Japanese Rolls to eat! So we did to 2 people! But then shortly after me and my cousins saw the lady we gave money too hitting someone with an umbrella! We didn't mind giving to her anyways.

We then went shopping at Walmart (an american store) and went to go buy some stuff. We bought water, fizzy drinks, food, snacks, candy/lollies and more. Then me and my aunty got dropped off at Ross which is also an american store!

We bought some clothes there for my grandmother. It's really cool. Now I am eating some subway blogging to you guys! We also might go to the beach soon! That's what we did today!

See you later!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

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