Thursday, 7 September 2017

Travel Blog Post - Day #3 (Hawaii) Fun Day!

Hey bloggers! The past few days has been really fun! We've been going shopping, to the markets, swimming, go to a wedding, and heaps more.

Yesterday I went shopping with some family to Walmart (an american shopping store) that sells everything there including food. I went with my cousins and I was very excited! Last week me, my cousins, and my aunty went to Walmart and it was really fun!

Drinking Kava!
They have heaps of things to buy there and I even bought a small camera to take photos with! Anyways after going to the market we went swimming at our family friends pool at an hotel. It was very hot that day and we needed a swim!

Me and my cousins!
I dived into the pool and jumped in with my cousins. My cousins are also not very familiar with the weather because they live in Seattle so it was very hot for them as well. Anyways after the long hours of swimming we decided to go back home and get ready for the tevu tevu.

Now let me explain to you what a Tevu-Tevu is! A tevu-tevu is a traditonal ceremony in the fijian customs/culture! Every couple must do this before you get married in traditional fijian culture. We bring heaps of pillows, mats, blankets, mosquito nets and more. 

We went to the tevu-tevu at my uncles house and started with some kava (a plant in the pacific islands which you distribute into water and mix then drink). In Fijian we also call it grog or yagona. When you drink Kava say "Bula" then after you have drank clap 3 times!

We ate lots and also went to bed straight after! 

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

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