Monday, 11 September 2017

Travel Blog Post - Day #6 (Seattle)

Hey bloggers! Today I arrived in Seattle! Seattle is located in the Washington State of the United States of America! It's really cool here and it has a really big city! Anyways let me tell you what we did! On the way to Seattle when we were arriving to the airport I was sitting next to my cousin and I was so excited to be in the United States!

Me and my cousin @ Gasworks
 I was amazed at the big city it had! First thing I did when I arrived from Kona International Airport to the Airport in Seattle, we got picked up by one of our family members and drove home! When we got home it was already morning time and I had the opportunity to attend school in Seattle! Yes! I went to school in Seattle and it was very fun! I went to a nearby middle-school my cousin attends and the school was very cool! We got to learn science, and history, math and heaps more subjects I don't learn at my school in New Zealand, which was pretty cool! 

Downtown Seattle - Troll!
After school I got to eat Jack in the Box (an fast food restaurant in the USA) then we went to my cousins family members football game and it was one of the best things I have ever seen in my life! It was located in Federal Way High School football field and it was HUGE! I walked into the gate with my family and I saw Cheerleaders, A Band, Football Players, and heaps more exciting things to see! 

Anyways we went to go sit down in our seats and we bought popcorn, drinks, hotdogs, and candy! The game was really cool and we also got to hear the band! The band was one of the most coolest things I've ever heard! There were drums, trumpets, flutes, and heaps more! After the game we drove to Downtown Seattle so my family could show me what it looks like in Downtown Seattle!

We first went to a place name the Troll! It's named the troll because a homeless guy made a troll figure using sand, clay and a car! It's really cool to climb on! Also if you go to the troll you can also see the car in the trolls hand which is pretty amazing! Anyways after seeing the troll we went to GasWorks in Seattle! Gasworks is a place in Seattle where you can view and see the whole city! I even saw the Space Needle, which is a tower in Seattle! Me and my cousins climbed up the hill to see the view and it was amazing! After all of that we went back home! 

Thanks for reading! 
By Mitchell.M 

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