Thursday, 7 September 2017

Travel Blog Post - Day #4 (Hawaii) Wedding Day!

Getting ready some pig!
Me at the wedding!
Hey bloggers! A few days ago it was my uncles wedding! It was very fun to attend! Let's talk about it! So I and my cousins, and uncles went to my uncles friends house who is also Fijian and we did/made a lovo. (a underground oven). We helped grate some komala (sweet potatoe) some cocnut and more. After that we cooked it and bought it to the wedding!

Uncle and Aunty!
The wedding was at the Botanical Gardens in Hawaii! It was really beautiful! It had nice rivers, waterfalls, japanese shrines and bells, animals and heaps more. At the wedding ceremony it was very short! They just came up : sang some songs, said some words the poof they were husband and wife!

The layout!
My uncle and his baby!
After the ceremony we went to the reception where everyone ate, drank, danced, sand, and did heaps of exciting things. Me and my cousins, and my friends all went down to the river when it got dark and were hunting for pigs. There were 3 black pigs and my little cousin got scared so we started chasing. It was really fun!

Anyways chasing pigs we went to go look for soe fish in the Koi Fish Pond. I saw lots of koi fish in the pond near the waterfall and it was amazing. After all those adventures we had we went back to the reception to drink kava and eat a little bit.

My cousins and other family members were dancing lots! It was really crazy! Anyways after all the partying and fun we went back into the truck and loaded it with the leftover food and started to head back home!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

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