Thursday, 11 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey - Day #14 : Perms and Lycra

Hey bloggers! Today is Day #14 of the Summer Learning Journey. I had really fun today going to the pools! Anyways, Let's Begin!

Activity 1 : Hairy Maclary
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Hairy Maclary.
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One of the most famous children’s stories to ever come out of New Zealand, Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, was written by a kiwi woman named Lynley Dodd. The book was originally published in 1983. It is now sold in dozens of countries around the world. It features a small dog named Hairy.

I have been asked to carry on a story about Hairy Maclary using 8 - 10 sentences written by me to earn full points.

Here it is :

“Out of the gate and off for a walk went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy…”

galloping on the concrete made sidewalk with his paws surrounded with fury fluffy dog hair, bushy leaves blowing with the cool breezy wind with the golden summery sun shining on him making a dark as night. "sniff sniff" goes his nose smelling something delicious! He gallops closer to the smell as the aroma starts to get stronger. He finally gets to his destination showing up to a white picket gate. He get's confused as he doesn't see any food. But he then walks over further to the other side of the gate and can see a metal BBQ exposing the food, but he sees no-one. He then sees a small hole in the corner, climbs through, runs to the BBQ so he doesn't get caught, jumps up and bites into a big juicy piece of steak. He's so happy, he gallops back to the dairy as he eats and chews his steak. Walks into the dairy and gets a good rest.

That was my story!

Activity 2 : The Big ' OE '

Me arriving in Hawaii!
In the 1980s it became increasingly common for students to graduate from high school and take a year off to travel and experience the world. This year was often referred to as the ‘Big OE’ or ‘Big Overseas Experience.’ A number of kiwis headed to places like Australia and England to live and work before returning to New Zealand to finish their studies.

I have been asked to imagine I was high school student in the 1980's and i'm about to graduate. I also have to tell you on my blog which country I would choose to visit and list 3 reasons I would travel there.

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I have chosen to travel the island state of the United States " Hawaii ". I have previously been to Hawaii and have posted my travels on my blog you can check out here :\

3 reasons why I would visit Hawaii :

  • Culture : I love the Hawaiian Culture and how they have such an amazing language, lovely people, beautiful islands and creative and unique dances such as Hula.
  • Nature : I also am in love with the beautiful islands of Hawaii. I loved swimming with green turtles in a lagoon, sitting under a coconut tree and more!
  • Food : I love Hawaiian Food especially my favourite Musubi's a Japanese - Hawaiian mixed snack which I love! Also I love their tropical smoothies.
Bonus Activity : The 4 O'clock News

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In 1982, Te Karere, a Māori-language news show premiered on television. It has continued to stream live on TV to this day. If you would like to watch it, turn on TV One at 3:55 p.m. each weekday and you will see it. The show is often hosted by a man named Scotty Morrison.

I have been asked to imagine if I were Scotty Morrison and choose someone I would like to interview . Who would I choose and why?

I would choose to interview Lorde the worldwide pop singer. I choose her because she is a singer and I would ask her questions such as : Why did you start your music carrer, and why choose music?

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

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  1. Hey there Mitchell, thanks for completing these three activities. I really quite like these activities because you are able to express your creativity a bit more freely. I really like your Hairy Maclary story you have finished. You've included a lot of adjectives, similes and alliteration. Well done, it really helps to paint a clear picture in the reader's mind. You must write a lot of stories. I like how Hairy Maclary gallops like a horse. Your story has a clear beginning, middle and end. Well done!

    Excellent choice for activity number two. Hawaii, there really isn't a reason not to go to Hawaii. It seems like such a relaxing holiday destination. It's hard to believe it's apart of the United States of America because it seems like such a relaxing, laid back island. Have you been to Samoa, Tonga or Fiji? I went to Tonga a year or so ago. It was a real nice time, super relaxing and perfect weather.

    Thanks for completing the bonus activity too. Lorde is from the North Shore in Auckland. I've met a couple of her friends before, apparently she is a really kind and friendly normal person. It must have been such an incredible experience becoming suddenly so very famous. I would definitely encourage her to talk about that. I would ask her if people acted differently around her once she became famous and I would ask her whether or not she enjoys being famous.

    Thanks, Billy.