Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mitchell Will He Save Her

When Tony was a child his dream he admired was to be a superhero. He dreamt of saving people and being the hero of the day. Appearing in the news,radio and TV. One day he decided he wanted to make his dream become true. He got some big pieces of Iron and melted it with Maroon and Gold paint mixed together. He formed his costume so he could fit in. Then he needed to do one more thing. He put in a remote control robot machine so he could now fly and have super powers.

He met some other men and women with supernatural powers and they became known as the Avengers. One morning his team was on their first mission. Petter Pots was in prison from Dr Doom. Dr Doom put her in prison because she tried helping the Avengers by stealing gold to give back to them. Iron man heard about this and he wanted to do something about it. He blasted off to the jail and went to the cage.

He was outside of the prison."You have arrived at your destination" the robot machine said. He walked inside. He saw a glimpse of Petter Pots in a cage but when he tried to get her out Dr Doom pushed her down the hole and into the sewer. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she shouted. Iron man heard her and made his costume go fast as speed. She nearly hit the water and at that instance she was in Iron man’s hands. He lifted her up and pushed her aside and “SPLASHHHHHHHHHHH” that was the sound of Dr Doom’s face in the sewer.

“THANK YOU” she said She was very happy and she became part of the Avengers and gave them heaps of equipment. Iron man was happy too. The first person he had saved.
To be continued………….. Keep watching for Part 2

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