Friday, 20 May 2016

Mitchell Character Description

Name of superhero
Jiwan Stax the Stalker/Summariser
Manly Male
18 years of saving since he was born
6 foot tall
Personality: Is your superhero happy, sad, brave, friendly etc.
Brave as a Lion,Happy as a good human being, Friendly as a donation brand
Write another word for each of the words you wrote above. For example, if you wrote ‘happy’, write ‘bubbly’ in this section.
Has Courage (Brave), Bubbly
(Happy), Kind (Friendly)

Eye colour (use descriptive words)
Brown as perfectly cooked pancakes
Hair colour and style (use descriptive words)
Black as the night and light brown as chocolate caramel
Outfit (colour, style)
Golden Basketball shorts and
a black jacket with golden spikes
Superpower(s) (also, how did they get this superpower?)
He got cursed by a bird that is why he can fly and also stalk what the future is going to hold
Past heroic moments (e.g. predicting that the power would go out across the whole city)
He once saved someone from dying because he knew that on that day a car would go faster than it would normally go
How your superhero is going to help kids like you.
He surprises them with big gifts and helps out families

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