Friday, 6 May 2016

Mitchell Harry's War Reading Task

Mitchell Week 1 Reading Task

Text: Harry’s War by Mark Derby (School Journal L3 June 2014)

Using the text, create a short letter from Harry to Ted. In this letter, Harry is going to tell Ted that the war is over.

Think about:
  • How Harry feels at this moment in time.
  • How Harry believes the other soldiers feel at this moment in time.
  • What Harry misses the most about home.
  • What Harry is least looking forward to on the trip home.

Dear Ted,
I am hard working. I am  really exhausted and hard working. I think that the other soldiers think they are going home and that they want to have fun and celebrate. What I miss most about home is my family and my farm and farm animals. What I am looking forward to on the trip home is seeing my family and the farm animals. Thanks

From Harry

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