Friday, 6 May 2016

Mitchell Immersion Assembly Term 2 Team 4

Kapow!! Bang!!!! POW!!! That’s the sound of Comics! I wonder where that sound comes from. That sounds like it’s coming from the Team 4 space. That’s right Team 4 this term will be learning about COMICS!!!! Team 4’s movie played. In the first scene the Wicked Bear Baxendine slide to one of the windows left slightly open. He creepily crawls inside the classroom and slid to the chromebook cupboards. Here is the Teacher Vengers Video

He hid behind the cupboard so he could not be in sight. He picks the lock with a sword and steals Bobby Jon’s Chromebook laughing with wickedness silently Escaping without being known that he his getting spied on by 2 amatuer heros out of the Bear Baxendine’s sight. He decided to have a rest on the bins. One of the Amatuer Heros say “Hey wait what is that” The next amatuer hero says “ Oh My Gosh he has Bobby Jon’s Chromebook! ” “Not for Long” Both amatuer heros charge into action with speed to confront Bear Baxendine.

When they got there Bear Baxendine confronted them with  BANG!!!! hitting a face and a big POW!!! On a big cheek. With both amatuer heros falling hip down to the ground they were Defeated and Captured by the Evil Bear Baxendine. With the hero's stuck to a big thick pole bear baxendine laughs “You can't stop me” Waaaaaaaaa let us go cries one of the amatuer heros “You can’t stop us” “who will stop me” Bear Baxendine says “The Teacher VENGERS!!!! “Let them come we will see” he says

Wondering Woman !!! Bat Guy !!!!!! and Team Leader America “Save us please” cries one of the hero’s “Time to face the music Bear Baxendine” The Teacher Vengers walking in with their walk in music as Team Leader America says “Teachers ASSEMBLE” Bat Guy saves the Amature Heros while the other members were ordered to go get Bear Baxendine. ON IT they said as they were running against him.

Thwack” the sound of Team Leader America’s shield BOOF!!! The sound of Wondering Woman’s Fist bashing his face POW!!! Bat guy runs in and kicks his face BOOM!!!! WHACk hitting the shield KAPOW!!! Hitting Wondering Woman’s painful fist. He was finally locked up in prison. They all congratulate each other for working a hard day. “Wow bat guy your muscles” “Eh hmmm” Wondering Woman says. The amatuer heros are shocked. Everyone laughs. Hehehehehehehehe Ha it’s not funny. The End.

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