Friday, 20 May 2016

Mitchell The Fab Four Writing Doc

Jiwan Stax was born in a normal hospital and a normal family. One day when he went to school this bird cursed him on the monkey bars and swapped the life of a bird to a human. NOW Jiwan could fly and the bird could walk. Jiwan also got another secret power from his grandfather. So now Jiwan could get information from the future.

In college Jiwan started hanging out with a group of friends. Diego,Yoona,Sunny and him Jiwan. All of them had secret powers but would never tell anyone. One day when they were hanging out Jiwan accidentally used his magic powers and was flying in the air. His friends were shocked. They knew they had powers but never knew Jiwan did.

“ I have powers too ” Yoona said. Sunny and Diego had powers too. We have powers. “ I can predict the future ” Diego replied. “ I am a detective ” Sunny said. “ I can read people's minds and you can fly ” Yoona said. “ No I can fly but also get special information from the past to try tell the future ” he answered. They all started hanging out every day using magic powers.

On Friday afternoon this man with a very big eye on his forehead Professor Fence came to take a tour around the school. The friends thought he was a monster. Pwossssh !!!!!!. The sound of the trophy cabinet smashing on the ground. Professor Fence stole as much as trophies he could fit in his hands and was going for the exit door. Diego predicted the future and said we were going to save the day.

Yoona read his mind and she said that he wanted the gold trophies to be rich? Jiwan stax flew out the door before he did and was guarding it so he could not get out and away with it. Sunny was a detective and searched up his records and he was WANTED!!!!!!!!!!! Sunny immediately dialled on her phone 1-1-1 and just then you could hear the sirens seconds away.

They pulled up in the car park and hopped out. They arrested Professor Fence and he was fined $1000 and was going to stay in jail for 3 months or maybe a year? The police thanked the friends and each gave them $100 for the 4 years he was Wanted $400. They now became known as the Fab Four and became world famous. They appeared in the newspaper, radio and news.

Thanks for reading.
By Mitchell

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  1. Well done on another great piece of writing, Mitchell! Your orientation is great - I really like how you have included the origin story of Jiwan in this introduction. Remember to include the WALT and an explanation of the task so your audience know the purpose of your blog post.