Saturday, 9 July 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogging #2

Hello blog viewers. Its Mitchell and today is Saturday so that means there is only 2 more days until the Winter learning journey Holiday Blogging will start. All schools within the Manaiakalani cluster will have the opportunity to blog about things based on this years Olympics 2016. Make sure you read next weeks blog posts for more Olympic fun. Later on in the day I will support my sisters in their rugby games. I also have a jersey that represents their team.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell
Sat 9th July 2016

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  1. Hi Mitchell,

    Wow! Your sisters must feel pretty special that you are going to support them at their rugby game. I think that it's pretty cool that you also have a jersey that represents their team. In Canada (where I grew up) I used to go and watch my sister play sport as well. She was a really good athlete! Speaking of good athletes, I hope that you'll enjoy learning all about the elite athletes from New Zealand heading to the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There is quite a bit of information about them posted on the Winter Learning Journey site.

    I'll look forward to checking your site tomorrow to see if you've had time to post your first blog for the programme!

    Cheers, Rachel