Thursday, 14 July 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogging WLJ #4

Hello blog viewers today the activity is called #Be the Inspiration. Here are the activities.

Activity 1: l have chosen one of the athletes on the Rio Olympics 2016 website. I chose Scott Curry. He is a Rugby Sevens player for New Zealand. Here are 3 facts about him.

. He was born on May 17th 1988
. He grew up in Rotorua
. He was a All Black Player

Activity 2: If I had to choose one of the three athletes that were chosen on the website I would pick Andrea Kilday. I would meet her so she could teach me some taekwondo.

Bonus: The movie Be the Inspiration was excellent. What I liked about the movie is that it talked about New Zealanders inspiring athletes to go and compete on the Olympics. What I didn't like about the video was nothing. I liked everything. I would rate it ***** stars.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell

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