Monday, 11 July 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogging WLJ #1

Good Morning blog viewers. Today the Winter learning journey has started. I am so excited and looking forward to writing more posts. 

Activity 1: If I were to imagine that I was invited to the first ever Olympics Games I would participate in the sports of wrestling. The reason why I have chosen the wrestling is because it is like rugby you can tackle them down to the ground. Wrestling back then would be different day in the wrestling they play these days. If your opponent wants to stop they have to admit and that's how you have won.

Activity 2 : Instead of gold medals they would have a Palm leaf Placed to their hand with a crown showing that they were a winner. Milo of Kroton would always win. Here are some fun facts about this champion

. He had won the wrestling games over 6 times
. He was born in Crotone,Italy
. He is a 6 century winner of the Olympic Games

Bonus: Back in the old days in Olympia girls were not allowed to watch or participate in the  Olympics. Why is that? Do you think this is fair? I think girls back in the day should not participate or watch the Olympics because back then men used to play the sports naked and it would be inappropriate for girls to watch.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell
11th of July 2016

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  1. Hi Mitchell!

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey programme. You have officially started and we are so glad that you have joined us!

    I am really pleased to see that you've already completed three activities, including the bonus for Day #1. After reading your post for the bonus, I can completely understand why you feel that the 'No Girls Allowed' rule was appropriate. I must admit that, as a girl, I'm pretty happy that the rules have now changed and that both men and women can compete in the Olympics (fully clothed). I am a huge fan of both men and women's sporting events and can't wait to cheer our New Zealand athletes like Valerie Adams and Stuart Farquhar (fencer) on!

    Will you have the chance to watch any of the Olympic coverage on TV? I hope so! It all kicks off on 5 August and runs until 21 August. I wonder how many medals our NZ team is going to win this year. I guess that we will just have to wait and see...

    Keep up the great work, Mitchell!!

    Cheers, Rachel