Sunday, 17 July 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogging WLJ #6

Hello blog viewers. Today is day 6 of the WLJ. Here are my posts for today.

Activity 1: I am asked to create an order of Olympic uniforms from NZ used in the past.

# 1: Olympic Uniform 2012.
I think this one was more professional and suited the look. This is an well representative uniform.

# 2 : Olympic Uniform 2004.
This uniform looks good on the people wearing it. It is very comfortable looking.

# 3 : Olympic Uniform 2008. This uniform has no detail to it. It has a fern printed on the shirts but still does not have any detail or more designs.

Activity 2 : If I was to pick a group of people to represent NZ at the Olympics one of them I would pick from that group would be Shaun Johnson. I would pick him because he is a very good league player and he is a world wide player. That's why I pick him.

Bonus : If I were to imagine that I was sitting in the crowd of this years Olympics and NZ athletes started to walk around because the ceremony has just started and I was watching and watching and then all of a sudden...NZ just came barging on the field running away like cats. The crowd goes wild. They run to the crowd and shout go NZ. Everyone does. They celebrate by going up to the cameras and go on live TV and give shout outs to their friends. Everyone in NZ goes out on the streets and yell out go NZ. That is my story if that were to happen.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell

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