Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogging WLJ #2

Hello blog viewers today I'll be doing 2 activities that include posting up tasks on my blog.

Activity 1: I will be summarising episode 2 of Tom and Vinicius.

They both appear in the middle of the forest. 

They both look for somewhere to stay but they fail.

Tom finds an birdhouse and has an brilliant idea.

They build a 2 story tree house along with a slide.

Sleeping on their beds is uncomfortable for them.

Activity 2: I will be naming 3 famous NZ landmarks along with a description and a saying of why it is famous in my opinion.

1. Sky Tower - Being NZ's tallest tower puts this structure known as the tallest man made tower ever built in the Southern Hemisphere. It also below has Skycity full of restraunts and casinos.

2. Volcano Taupo - Polynesia's only super volcano has caused Taupo to create a massive lake that surrounds it being a caldera in NZ makes it unique and famous.

3. Rainbows End - NZ's only theme park out stands from the rest. It has magnificent rides that fill people up with enjoyment.

Bonus - Here is my logo I have created thanks to Design Mantic. This logo had a 4 sports that will be participating in this year's Olympics.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell


  1. Good afternoon Mitchell,

    How are you? I am doing really well after reading your post. It put a huge smile on my face. I love the summarising that you did of the Tom and Vinicius episode, the describing of the three landmarks and the creating of a cool Olympic logo. You have clearly been very busy!

    Can I please ask, Mitchell, what was the inspiration behind your choice of colour for the logo? I don't think that I have seen anyone else who has used those particular shades of green before. Are they meant to calming or evoke a specific emotion? I'd love to know more!

    I'd also love to read your next post so I will head away and do that now. Keep up the great work, Mitchell!

    Cheers, Rachel

    1. Hey Rachel,
      I am doing good. Thanks for reading mu summary. I have picked the colour green for my logo because it is a very moody colour for the theme this year. Thanks Rachel.