Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blog Post #5

Today is 20th of April 2016. It's the school holidays. I woke up at 7:30 In the morning and went to the lounge and saw 2 of my sisters playing on the Ipad. I was so tired anyways I woke my other sister up and all of us were playing in the lounge until 9:00 we had to have breakfast. I helped make breakfast and my sisters set up the table. When breakfast was ready we went to go eat. After we ate we brushed our teeth and got changed. We wiped the table and washed all of the dishes. My sister Levonah washed,I rinsed and my sister madi dryed. After that my mum came. She came from her lunch break to pick us up. We went to the bakery and the dairy to go by lunch. Then she dropped us back home. We were watching tv, playing on the Ipad and the computer. Then we showered. Now we have to learn our times tables. At 5:00 my sister and my mum crossed the road to go to her rugby training. She was really good. Now we are just cooking dinner for dinner is Chicken Fettuccine. Me and my sister Levonah helped cut up the chicken. 

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By Mitchell.


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