Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post #10

Today is Tuesday 26th of April. Today I woke up and made my bed. It was a very sunny morning but also cold outside too. Then we went to the kitchen to go have breakfast. After breakfast I loaded up the dishwasher with the dirty dishes and wiped the table and the bench because it had crumbs on it. Then we went to go brush our teeth and shower. My sisters got all the clothes from outside and put it inside to fold. I was cleaning up my room. Then we were reading some of our Duffy Books. Then my mum got some drinks and some chocolate for us for cleaning up the house. After that we watched TV and played on the computer and Ipad. My mum dropped my sister to her Rugby Training.

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By Mitchell

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  1. Hi Mitchell, it's great to read about your holiday. It sounds like you've been pretty busy! I have also been quite busy here at the University of Auckland where I work. I am busy designing a blogging programme for students to do over the winter holiday (in July). It is going to be available for students in all of the Manaiakalani schools, including Pt England!

    I'll look forward to coming to Pt England during Term II to tell you, your friends, classmates and teachers all about it. Hope that you'll join us over the July holiday period to blog. In the meantime, keeep up the great work with your blogging this holiday. It's awesome! Cheers, Rachel