Monday, 25 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogpost ANZAC Day #9

Today is Monday the 25th of April and it is ANZAC Day. I had to wake up early because I was going to watch the ANZAC Parade in Onehunga because my aunty was part of the Sea Cadets and she was going to be marching in the Parade. We showered and had breakfast and we all left because the Parade started at 9:00 and we thought we were going to be late. When we got there we saw our cousins,aunties and uncles and my grandma and my great grand parents. We were all waiting for it to start. We went into a cafe to go get some hot chocolates while we were waiting. We also got to play on our cousins hoverboard. It was so fun. Then finally it started. All of the soilders and people who were part of the parade were marching on the road. We took heaps of pictures. They were all heading to the RSA to have a meeting. While they were in there all of our family decided to walk to the Library Cafe and eat Lunch there. We had Fish and Chips and the Adults were eating there own food. We went outside to go play on the park and the trampoline because no one was there. Then my aunty came and we all took photos with her. She had to quickly go because she needed to go back to her group meeting. After that we were playing for a long time and we started to walk back to our cars. Then we drove back home.
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By Mitchell

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  1. Hi Mitchell. This is a really neat post that caught my eye because it was about ANZAC Day. Your aunty is so lucky to have such a supportive family. What a great turnout from your family! Thanks for sharing.