Sunday, 24 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post Our Trip to Rainbows End #8

Today is 24th of April 2016 and we just came back from the Rainbows End Night Rides. I am so tired but it was really fun. At 4:30 we lefthome to Countdown to go buy snacks. Then from there we straight away went to Rainbows End. We gave our tickets and they put our wristband on our wrist and then we went to go play. Afterwards my cousins came. We went on heaps of cool rides. We watched the performances on stage and took heaps of photos of us on the rides. We ate so many lollies. Since we have been cleaning up around the house and learning our timestables this was our reward to go to Rainbows End. 

I will share heaps more photos tomorrow. 
Thanks for reading.
By Mitchell
12:17 am

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