Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mitchell FiaFia Recount

Last week on Thursday the 7th of April was FiaFia Night. All of the groups have been practicing for weeks and weeks and it was time to perform. At 7:00 pm I came to school. I saw heaps of people selling delicious yummy food.

I first went to the classroom that my group was at. So I ran to Room 15 with my family to put my costumes on. I was in the Fijian Group. We we were going to perform a traditional meke (dance) taught by my aunty. When I came In with my sisters and family I took off my t-shirt and put on a brown grasskirt.

 Then I put on a green thing made out of leaves around my feet and wrist's. I took off my jacket and shoes and my uncle put some oil on me. Then I put some black paint on my face. All the girls also put some black paint and green leis around their hands and wrist too.

But the girls were wearing a tapa cloth around them instead of grass skirts. Once everyone was ready Mr Burt called out on the speaker for everyone to go through the library and sit down in their lines. Once everyone sat down FiaFia 2016 started.

Mr Burt and the prefects came on stage and introduced our FiaFia to the parents. Then It was time for Kapa Haka. Kapa Haka was really good. We were 12th to perform. I was very nervous. Then It was time for us to perform.

We went to the back of the stage and we got our black sticks. Then we went on stage. Everyone was cheering for us. I was standing were I was supposed to be and stayed there until the music played. They music played then played again. I thought the song was going to not play and just stop.

Anyways It played again then we started again. Then everyone in my group started dancing. It was so fun. I just wish we could do it again. It was about 3 minutes. Everyone was in time. It was the best FiaFia.

Thanks for reading. By Mitchell

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