Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post #3

Today is Tuesday the 19th and the holidays just started. When I woke up I went to the lounge. My sister was on the Ipad and my other sister was sleeping in her room and the other sister went to go shopping with my mum. I sat down on the couch to go watch TV. When they came back from shopping we went to the kitchen. I helped make Breakfast at home. We all sat down when it was ready and then we ate. After breakfast we all brushed our teeth and went in the lounge. We all watched TV and played on the computer and the Ipad. 1 hour later we got changed and got ready to go to my sisters Rugby training at the reserve. While she was training we went to Mc Donalds to go buy some Frozen cokes because it was so sunny and hot. Then we went to the bakery to go by some pies for us to eat. Then we went back to the reserve for her training. When my sisters training finished we went back home. It was the Afternoon and It was getting boring so we decided to go to the park across the road. I helped my sisters cross the road. We stayed at the park for 2 hours and we were playing tag. It was so fun. Then at 6:00 pm we came back home we showered .

Thanks for Reading my holiday blog posts. I will keep posting up more of what I did in the holidays every day so you guys can see.

By Mitchell

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